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Selected texts on mercy

Selected texts on mercy

a) The meaning of "mercy"

"I want to give you, oh good faithful, a warning on the value of mercy Although I have experienced that you are ready for every good work, but it is necessary that this argument will lead a careful speech These are the following:.. What No mercy is nothing but loaded the heart of a little misery (other)

The word "mercy" derives its name from the pain of the "wretched" The two words are in that term?.. misery and heart. When your heart is touched, shaken by the misery of others, here is mercy. Consider, therefore, brethren, do all the good works we do in this life is truly relate to mercy.

For example: you give bread to a hungry: I offer it with the participation of your heart, not with contempt; not consider like a dog to a man like you. So when you make a work of mercy, if you give bread, have pity on who is hungry; if you give him a drink, have pity on who is thirsty; if you give a dress, naked pity; if you offer hospitality, Pilgrim pity; if you visit a sick, have mercy on him; if you give burial to the deceased, he regrets that he is dead; if you put peace between litigants who regrets his eagerness to litigate. If we love God and neighbor, we can not do any of this without heartache "

(Sermon 358 A).

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