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Selected texts on mercy

d) Mercy: An Act of Love

"The man with two children is God who has two peoples. The eldest son is the Jewish people; the lower, the people of the pagans. The inheritance from the father is the soul, intelligence, memory, wit and all the powers that God gave us to know him and worship him. Having received this heritage, the younger son went away to a far country: distant, ie reached forgetting his Creator. [...] Finally he became aware of what condition had been reduced, what he had lost, who had offended and whose power had gone to lie down. And he came to himself; first in himself and in this way the father. For he had perhaps said, My heart left me, so fitting that first taken up again in itself and, thus, knew who the father was away. [...]

Rises and thus takes after falling, had been prostrate on the ground. His father is farsighted and meets him. [...] And you forgave the wickedness of my heart. What it is near God's forgiveness of those who confess one's sins! God, indeed, it is not far from those with a contrite heart. [...] As yet the son was about to tell the father what he was repeating: I will rise, I will go to him and say, Father, knowing their thoughts away, he ran to meet him. What does "run to meet" but anticipate forgiveness? Being still far, he says the Gospel went out to meet his father moved by mercy. Why he was moved to mercy? When the son was already exhausted by poverty. And he is running to him he threw his neck, that is, put his arm around his son's neck.

The arm of the Father is the Son; She gave him the opportunity to bring Christ, not heavy burden, but relieved. He says Christ my yoke is easy and my burden light. The father leaned over the upright son; bending over him, prevent him from falling again. [...] Therefore, when the father lie on the neck of the child, not the oppressed, but it eased; She honored him, not overwhelmed. How, otherwise, he would be the man to bring God but because God brings him back? The father sends him to take her best dress, which had lost Adam to sin. He is having already received forgiveness son and I have kissed, orders take the dress: the hope of immortality conferred by baptism. Sort put the ring, pledge of the Holy Spirit, and sandals for the feet, for the readiness to announce the Gospel message of peace, in order to be beautiful are the feet of announcing the good. This, therefore, does God through His servants, that is, through the ministers of the Church. Why, perhaps they give ministers clothing, sandals or ring your property? They must only provide a service, fulfilling a duty; That gives them those goods whose mysterious treasure whose breast and pulls it. [...] All that is mine, says the father to eldest son is yours. If you are a promoter of peace, if you reconcile, if you rejoice the return of your brother, if our feast not you sad, if you do not stay away although you come from the field, everything I have is yours. But we must celebrate and rejoice, because Christ died for the ungodly and risen. This is what is meant by the statement, because your brother was dead and has come to life; he was lost and we have found"

(Sermon 112A).

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